A group of four YLF participants smile for a photo.

Our Mission

Leadership is one of the foundational pillars of Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum, and has been since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Many of the large group sessions that happen throughout the week focus on leadership. In small groups, ¬†delegates work with staff to create personal leadership plans specifically geared towards their own goals.

The second fundamental pillar of Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum is advocacy. The Youth Leadership Forum believes that it is imperative for the next leaders of the disability community to know how to advocate for themselves, and to be prepared to advocate for others within their community. Many of our large group sessions focus on advocacy education, which is enforced by a visit to the state Capitol building during the Forum.

Independence is the third guiding principle of Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum. Not only does the Forum not only dedicates several large group sessions to teaching the delegates how to become more independent, but the very nature of the Forum itself serves as a practical demonstration of what independence looks like.