Independence is the third pillar of Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum and has been a guiding principle for this organization since its inception. The Forum not only dedicates some large group sessions to teaching the delegates how to become more independent, but the very nature of the Forum itself serves as a practical demonstration of what independence looks like.

Throughout the week of the Forum, delegates are able to take part in a number of large group sessions that focus on demonstrating the importance of independence. In one of the large group sessions some of the former delegates that now serve as staff take part in a panel discussion where current delegates are able to ask questions about the realities of living independently with a disability. In another session, delegates are able to learn about the different types of assistive technologies that exist, that can help them gain independence.

Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum does more than teach independence, it gives the delegates the opportunity to experience it, throughout the entirety of the Forum.

Leadership is one of the foundational pillars of Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum, and has been since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Many of the large group sessions that happen throughout the week will focus on the topic of leadership. Delegates will create leadership plans specifically geared towards each delegate individually, within the confines of small groups.