Leadership is one of the foundational pillars of Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum, and has been since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Many of the large group sessions that happen throughout the week will focus on the topic of leadership. Delegates will create leadership plans specifically geared towards each delegate individually, within the confines of small groups.

In the large group sessions, delegates will learn about the history of the disability movement, it’s past and current leaders. They will be involved in conversations about being leaders in their communities and what that could look like. The large group sessions will also allow the delegates to view practical demonstrations on how to become more effective leaders, as well as provide them with a safe space to uses these strategies in role playing scenarios with their peers.

The large group sessions will broken up by a number of small group sessions, where the delegates will be broken up into groups of 8–11, where they can receive more individualized instruction on the various aspects of leadership. Delegates will use small group sessions to create a Personalized Leadership Plan (PLP), that will help the delegates articulate the type of leader they wish to become as well as outlining the keys to helping them achieve that goal.

Ohio’s Youth Leadership Forum believes that all of its delegates have the capacity to become not only the next leaders of the disability movement, in Ohio or even nationally, but to become the next leaders at their jobs, and within their communities. It is for this reason that teaching leadership is an integral part of what the Youth leadership forum seek to be.